February 23, 2009


[1]I have more guy friends than girls.
[2]My first kiss was in a tool shed with Preston when I was 8.
[3]Preston moved to Turkey.
[4]When I was 5 my hero was the gothic girl from Beetlejuice.
[5]Jeff Hardy is my favorite wrestler.
[6]I went to a Catholic school for 7 years.
[8]I once spray painted the anrachy symbol on the back of my Catholic school sweathshirt; I was suspended for 3 days.
[9]My favorite person in the whole world is Tyler Case Mccamley.
[10]I love to flirt with drunk hobos in the woods.
[11]I still giggle when I eat funny face pancakes.
[12]No, I don't watch Gossip Girl.
[13]I sneak into different movies in theaters (but who doesn't?)
[14]I doubt I'm anyone's favorite person.
[15]I can ride my bike with no handle barssss.

1 comment:

Gwen said...

lol, this striked me as funny... idk why.... :D #8 really suprised me...